Wild Recombination: An Overview

TrueLab Games’s Crazy Mix is a slot machine set in a tropical paradise, so players should pack their bags and fly Down Under. TrueLab launched in 2016, so they don’t have a vast back archive of slots just yet, and a quick look shows that they favor the odder side of things. There’s a killer whale named Tony who oversees a 3-payline circular reel event, while another game is around a group of aquatic animals founding a start-up in the valley. Thematically, we are discussing potential rivals to Crazy Tooth Studio. Slots from TrueLab are often more straightforward despite their quirky themes and characters, in contrast to the wilder antics of developer Crazy Tooth.

Our final destination is the island of Crazy Mix, which is said to be located “somewhere in the middle of the vast expanses of the sea.” Let’s just call it what it is: Australia, since that’s the only place on Earth where you’ll find kangaroos and koalas. There is a high quality to the visuals, with the developers going for a bright, cartoony tone full of animations to spice up the action. The game’s mechanics are a touch less out of the ordinary than its theme, with 5 main reels and 15 paylines. It’s easy to understand, with the exception of a fruit-themed sixth bonus reel that triggers special bonuses.

The game is accessible from any device, and it allows for wagers ranging from 15 p/c to $/€100 every spin. The Return on Investment (RTI) is solid at 96.34%, while the Volatility is about average. Motivated players will like the 37% hit rate and the potentially high number of free spins, which happen once every 95 spins. Possibility is remarkable. Let’s leave it hanging there like a Red Quandong on a tree for the time being till we can deal with it properly.

Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of a Red Quandong; you’re not alone; and the features section will explain everything. Right now, let’s focus on the paytable’s low-pay, medium-pay, and crazy parts. The J-A symbols represent the lowest value, while the gecko, turtle, kangaroo, and koala bear represent the middle value. The mediums have values between 16 and 20 times the wager for five of a type. The two wild symbols, Chaka and his friend Aneka, fill up the paytable. Both may be used in place of conventional pay symbols, and a combination of five of either is worth around 66 times the wager.

Absurd Remix: Featuring

TrueLab has gone to the bother of making up some backstory in order to make the game more comprehensible. Basically, there’s a guy named Chaka who goes around picking fruit for drinks every day. It’s a brief history, sure, but it sets the stage for the elements that revolve around making cocktails. Both the Boomerang Respins and the Cocktail Free Spins features are available.

Boomerang When at least one Chaka wild appears on the reels during a basic game spin, a respin is awarded. The Chaka Wild on the far left throws a boomerang onto the bonus reel, where it collides with an item of fruit and adds it to the drink. During respins, more Chaka wilds toss the boomerang to mix in more fruit and set off additional respin rounds.

In addition, a progressive win multiplier is boosted by a factor of +1 every time Chaka tosses the boomerang. Cocktail free spins are activated when at least four fruits are included in the mixed drink. The number of spins awarded in a cocktail bonus round always starts at 1, and the existing win multiplier remains in effect. Further, the fruits added to the drink serve to enhance the function as follows:

Wild card enhancement via Red Quandong.

Jackfruit enables an extra free-roll for a Cocktail.

For a Blue Quandong, you’ll need to pay the current multiplier times five coins.

Lime squeezed off a fingertip increases the current factor by 1.

verdict in a crazy combination

TrueLab may be worth keeping an eye on if you’re a player who enjoys trying out new concepts but finds the 15-payline structure to be a turnoff. They aren’t hesitant to experiment with odd ideas, and Crazy Mix has its fair share of out-of-the-ordinary scenes. Both the concept and the features, which may appear rudimentary on paper but have the potential to yield substantial benefits, are a bit out there.

Avatar UX, for example, exploded with winnings of 70,000x+ in PopRocks, one of the Masters Series’ slot machines. Even while Crazy Mix isn’t as wild as its name suggests, the 25,000x payout is still tempting. You’ll need an absurd amount of luck with respins and cocktail bonuses to hit it big, though, because there are only so many Cocktail free spins available. But chances exist, and they’re like the paper umbrella in your Pia Colada: a welcome addition to the game.

Although TrueLab may have made a game that is more accessible to the general public in this case, Crazy Mix still retains some of its unique characteristics. It may be worth it to let Chaka mix you up a drink because she has created a fruit-filled slot that isn’t quite a fruit slot, and because the unusual theme has tremendous potential.






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